Housing Application


Absolute Care and Living provides shared living arrangements in all of our homes.  Private rooms are available at a higher rate and subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis.  At this time, we are unable to accomodate couples, pets, or families with children. 



*No Credit Check Required.


There is a one-time non-refundable admin fee of $500.00 due at move-in.


Applicant Full Name *
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Application Date *
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Who referred you? How did you hear about us? Please include name of person or agency and phone number. *
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Are you pregnant?

Are you aware that this is a shared living home? *
Have you lived in shared housing before? *
Are you able to live independently without assistance with daily activities including cooking, cleaning, bathroom use, activities outside the home, taking medication, etc? If not, please explain what you need assistance with. *
Current Living Situation *

Funding Source

How long would you like to be a guest at our home? *
If you receive a voucher, what is the voucher 's name? If this doesn't apply to your situation put N/A. *
Are you employed? *
If you are employed, what are your hours/shift? What city do you work in? *
Employer Name? N/A if unemployed. *
If not employed, do you intend to apply for a job within 1 month of your arrival at our home? *
If you don't intend on working or going to school, etc. please explain why not and what you plan on doing with your daytime hours? *
A Representative Payee is required for SSI and SSDI payments to ensure timely monthly housing payments are made during your stay in our home. Do you agree to this? *
Criminal History *
If yes, please provide details of any criminal charges or convictions you have, including the nature of the charges and any associated legal outcomes. *
Do you have a probation officer, etc? If so, what is their name and phone number including extension? *
Funding Source Details: 1. What is the monthly income that you receive? *
Funding Source Details: 2. What is the specific date that your payment is disbursed? *
Funding Source Details: 3. Any additional income information? *
Please disclose any existing medical/mental conditions or health concerns that we should be aware of. What have you been diagnosed with, if any? *
Do you have any food or drug allergies? If yes, please elaborate. *
Are you currently attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings? If yes, please specify which one(s). If no, do you need to find a meeting to attend? *
Are you currently taking any medications? *
If yes, please provide a list of the medications you are taking, including their names and dosages. *
Are you currently taking any medications as part of your recovery treatment? If yes, please specify which one(s). *
Do you have a sponsor or are you/will you be actively seeking one? (Please specify) *
How long have you been in recovery? Please provide details about your recovery journey. *
Are you involved in any other support groups or programs related to recovery? *
Have you completed any rehabilitation or treatment programs? If yes, provide details. *
Are you coming from another group home? If yes, please specify which one and for how long you've been living there and the reason for living. *
Do you have a history of relapse? If yes, please provide details and specify if you have a relapse prevention plan in place. *
Do you have any specific needs or requirements related to your recovery journey that you would like us to be aware of? *
Primary Mode of Transportation *
Do you smoke? *
If yes, what do you smoke? *
Do you have any pets? *
Do you agree to a drug test prior to your move-in date? *
Do you agree to random drug tests? *
We have house rules to govern the safety and harmony of the home. Would you abide by them? *
Preferred Move-in Date *
Any important details we should be aware of, not yet addressed? *

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